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The PLURAL concept will be integrated at three different real demo building sites, located in Greece, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Featuring different climate conditions, heating/cooling needs and user requirements, thus demonstrating the versatility and robustness of the overall concept.

Additionally, PLURAL includes three virtual building demos in Switzerland, Germany and Sweden for simulating and validating the performance and operation of the solutions under further conditions.

Real demos will also be used for their virtual assessment under conditions that differ from the actual ones.

The results will be used for establishing best available techniques and guidelines regarding all implementation phases, including shipping, installation, maintenance and decommissioning.


Greece, Athens

The building is protected by the Municipality of Voula, Athens (VVV). It was renovated in the 1980s and now is operated as a free-of-charge shelter for homeless or low waged families (10 apartments) The building currently has 21 residents. 2 apartments on the first floor will be retrofitted with smart walls.

Spain, Barcelona

Situated in the southwest of the city of Terrassa (Barcelona), the building is composed by two residential blocks, and a commercial space (not included in pilot case). All of them are placed in a “U” form with a common courtyard in the middle. PLURAL solutions will be implemented in one block (18 dwelling).

Czech Republic, Kašava

The “Kašava” multiple dwelling is situated in the North-East part of the Zlín region (ca. 17 km from Zlín). It is composed by 2 flats for the teachers of nearby nursery school and is permanently occupied. The façade is made by 45 cm full brick wall (no insulation). The building is classified as “F” in the energy consumption system used in the Czech legislation. The envelope will be renovated in PLURAL (ca. 400m2 façade including windows).


Switzerland, Bern

Multi-family building from 1964 located in Switzerland with low insulation level. Massive construction with monolithic brick. Deep renovation by Swissrenova and SPF in a national pilot and demonstration project called “ProsumerSkin”.

Germany, Berlin

Energetic refurbishment of a detached house with separate apartment (1965 construction) with natural building materials. Brick masonry 36.5 cm, uninsulated, ext. plaster 1.5 cm, int. plaster 2.0 cm. External wall is ventilated timber façade or insulated and plastered with lime. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and PV for electricity generation.

Sweden, Väsby

A center with a large selection of buildings with commercial and residential purpose (usual apartments & apartments for special groups e.g. seniors and youth).