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Event | Attica Green Expo 2022 On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, the PLURAL partners from Municipality Vari Voula Vouliagmeni participated in the 1st Green Exhibition "Attica Green Expo". 04.10.2022Read more
Workshop | RHC for Buildings and Industry Workshop - 3rd Edition Join PLURAL at the "RHC for Buildings and Industry Workshop - 3rd Edition" to discuss a common strategy for increasing the use of #RenewableEnergy technologies for heating and cooling for buildings. Save the date 7th of September 2022, 8.30 - 11.45. Register here. 15.08.2022
Workshop | Off-Site Plug-and-Play Prefab Systems Join us at the "Off-Site Plug-and-Play Prefab Systems" workshop, which brings together six projects that develop hybrid Plug-and-Play systems. Save the date 8th of September 2022, 9.00 - 12.15. Register here. 15.08.2022
Event I Sustainable Places 2022 PLURAL will participate in the Sustainable Places 2022 Conference! The project will be presented at two workshops: "Off-Site Plug-and-Play Prefab Systems" and "RHC for Buildings and Industry Workshop - 3rd Edition". Save the date: 6 - 9 September 2022 in Nice, France and don't forget to register here. 15.08.2022
News | HybridWall Prototype Presentation The HybridWall prototype presentation was held at Denvelops facilities in Igualada, Spain as part of the PLURAL project “Plug-and-use renovation with adaptable lightweight systems”. The presentation was attended by our partners of Pich Architects, Agència de l’Habitatge de Catalunya and Catalonia Institute for Energy Research. Read more about the presentation here. 29.07.2022
News | M22 Steering Committee Meeting The PLURAL M22 Steering Committee Meeting was held on Wednesday 20th of July. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the progress of active tasks and future plans for the project. Thank you to all partners for your participation! 29.07.2022
Demo site | Kašava 3D Scanning On July 12th our partners from NTUA performed 3D scanning of the Kašava demo building. The whole building envelope was scanned in detail with accuracy within 1mm, in less than one working day. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive point cloud, from which valuable data can be obtained at any stage of the PLURAL project, with precision and without the need for additional measurements. See our gallery for more photos. 28.07.2022Read more
News | M18 Review Meeting The PLURAL project had its first review meeting! The work done and future plans were presented to the project officer Susana Xará and the reviewer Helena Granados Menéndez. Thank you all for your participation and let's keep up the good work. 25.07.2022
Event I CLIMA 2022 The PLURAL technologies were presented at CLIMA 2022, the 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress in May, Rotterdam. CLIMA is the leading international scientific congress in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). The topics of this year were Energy, Health & Comfort, Digitalization and Circularity, which are fully in line with the PLURAL project objectives. 20.06.2022
Feature | “Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations” Brochure 2022 We are proud to share that the PLURAL project was featured in the 2nd Brochure “Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations”, developed by SmartBuilt4EU. Their main objective is to support the Smart Building Innovation Community. Download it here! 27.05.2022
Plural I Seismic Table Tests of SmartWall prototype The first SmartWall prototype successfully sustained simulated earthquakes of peak ground acceleration up to 0.36g (9 the highest seismic zone for Greece). The tests were performed in March 2022 at NTUA (Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering) with the support of AMS who developed and assembled the SmartWall prototype. Watch the test here. 18.05.2022Read more
Plural | M18 Progress Meeting The official M18 progress meeting of all PLURAL partners took place in the Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni Municipality. Find more photos from the meeting here. 18.05.2022Read more
Plural | Meet the team! Standing in front of the Greek demo. It was renovated in the 1980s and now is operated as a free-of-charge shelter for low waged families. Two apartments on the first floor will be retrofitted with #PLURAL smart walls. 06.05.2022
Event I 4th International Exhibition verde.tec The Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni participated in the 4th International Exhibition verde.tec with great success. The VVV Mayor presented the PLURAL project while the staff provided information about the project to the visitors. 30.03.2022Read more
Plural | M18 Steering Committee Meeting The PLURAL M18 Steering Committee Meeting was held today online. Thanks to all partners for participation! 18.03.2022
Plural | Gallery update and Facade Test! We have updated our gallery on the website! Check out the Facade Test album. 10.03.2022Read more
Plural | Presentation update! We have updated our official PLURAL project presentation, designed by FENIX TNT! Download here. 28.01.2022
Plural | First newsletter The first PLURAL newsletter is out! Read about our new website, get to know more about our cluster projects, and watch the promo video. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated and you don't miss the next one! Find the newsletter here! 19.01.2022
Plural | New Website We are very excited to share with you our new website! Designed by FENIX TNT. Let us know if you like it! 17.01.2022
Plural | New Article We are very excited to share a new article in the Open Access Government January 2022 volume! The article was written by FENIX TNT in collaboration with PLURAL, SWITCH2SAVE, Powerskin+ project coordinators. Read the article here. 07.01.2022
Plural | Promo Video We are very excited to share our graphical promo video explaining the PLURAL project. Watch here!. 08.12.2021
News | Enlit Europe community The PLURAL project is part of the Enlit Europe community! 03.12.2021
Demo site | The 3D Scanning Survey The 3D scanning survey carried out in the Terrassa demo case visit, done by NTUA, allows us to have an accurate measure of the facade in order to be able to prefabricate the add-on facade modules of the DENVELOPS system. 26.11.2021
Plural | Promo materials We are excited to present our new PLURAL roll-up and leaflet! Designed by FENIX TNT. Download here! 19.11.2021
Meeting | General Assembly Meeting The PLURAL General Assembly Meeting took place on the 18th and 19th of October 2021, after 12 months of work. Part of the meeting was an exploitation workshop. Thanks to all partners for participation! 22.10.2021
News | Sustainable Places 2021 The PLURAL project was represented by Maria Founti from NTUA at the Sustainable Places 2021 Conference. Check out both presentations here! 08.10.2021
Questionnaire | Reduction of energy consumption We prepared a questionnaire on the importance of reduction of energy consumption in comparison with other factors for deep renovation. Help us by sharing your input here! 05.10.2021Read more
Presentation | Sustainable Places 2021 We will be presented by Maria Founti from NTUA at the Sustainable Places Conference. 28.09.2021
Workshops | Sustainable Places 2021 PLURAL will participate in Sustainable Places 2021! We will be presenting at two workshops: "RHC Solutions for Buildings and Industry Workshop" and "Building Envelops Kits for Deep Renovation" 28.09.2021
Publication | European Energy Innovation Magazine Read a new article about our project in the European Energy Innovation Magazine Autumn 2021 edition! Download it here! 24.09.2021
News | Joint Newsletter Joint Newsletter about the PLURAL, POWERSKIN+ and SWITCH2SAVE projects. Read more about the objectives, demosites and upcoming activities. Download it in the resources tab on our website and don't forget to subscribe! 01.09.2021
News | Plural project presentation The Plural project was presented by Ing. Jan Včelák, Ph.D. from ČVUT UCEEB at the Global Summit on Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering 2021 Event. 05.08.2021
Meeting | Terrassa, Spain The Terrassa demo meeting was held last week in Barcelona. The goal of the meeting was to discuss open tasks related to the demonstration. 30.07.2021
Meeting | Kašava, Czech Republic The Kašava meeting took place on 15th-16th July 2021 and was held at the demo site and the municipality town hall. The goal of the meeting was to obtain video and photo material for promo and to discuss open tasks related to the building renovation. 20.07.2021
News | New brochure We are excited to present our brand new project brochure! You can read about the #pluralproject overall concept, demo sites and more. 08.07.2021
News | WP8 online meeting The first WP8 online meeting was organized this week. PLURAL project partners brainstormed the approach to the Market and Business Oriented Exploitation and planned the next steps. 20.05.2021
Demo visit | Kašava, Czech Republic Partners from ČVUT UCEEB and FENIX TNT visited the Kašava municipality where our demo site is located. The partners discussed the renovation planning, visited the building, and took measurements both outside and inside. Big thanks belong to the Kašava mayor and his staff for the warm welcome! 14.05.2021
News | New project officer We are happy to introduce our new project officer Dr. Susana Xará from Raw Materials at Health and digital Executive agency (HaDEA).

Welcome to the PLURAL team!
Feature | “Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations” Brochure 2021 We are featured in the first edition of the “Smart Buildings EU-funded Innovations” brochure developed by SmartBuilt4EU. Their main objective is to support the Smart Building Innovation Community.

Download it here!
Webinar | Smart buildings: meet EU innovators Join us on the 25th February for this webinar! Several H2020 projects will be pitched during the session and Plural will be among them! If you are interested in the most innovative Smart buildings technologies which are being developed in Europe, you shouldn´t miss this one! Register! 17.02.2021
PLURAL | Project kick-off We are kicking-off the PLURAL project! Our first collective meeting took place on the 13th October 2020! The meeting was held remotely to keep everyone safe. 13.10.2020