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05. 04. 2023

Meeting | M30 General Assebly Day 2

The second day of the M30 General Assembly meeting for the PLURAL project consortium was an exciting and eventful day!

The partners had the opportunity to visit the Denvelops factory to see the Denvelops Comfort Kit prototype and have a technical discussion. This visit was an important step in the project's progress, as it allowed the partners to see firsthand the latest developments in Denvelops Comfort Kit technology.

After the tour, the partners were treated to Calçotada, a typical Catalan food. This traditional dish is a must-try for anyone visiting the region, and the partners were not disappointed. After their enjoyable meal, the partners returned to Barcelona and said goodbye.

Thank you to all partners for their hard work and a big thank you to our Project Adviser Susana Xará for joining us at the meeting!

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