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18. 05. 2022

Plural I Seismic Table Tests of SmartWall prototype

The first SmartWall prototype successfully sustained simulated earthquakes of peak ground acceleration up to 0.36g (9 the highest seismic zone for Greece). The tests were performed in March 2022 at NTUA (Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering) with the support of AMS who developed and assembled the SmartWall prototype. The SmartWall was considered an acceleration-sensitive non-structural component and damage could occur from inertial forces. A series of triaxial shaking table tests with increasing base motion was carried out in order to examine the response of the SmartWall at various limit states. Peak ground acceleration of 0.36g and soil category B according to EC8 was chosen for the shaking table tests. During testing, no visible damage was observed on the SmartWall, infill wall and steel frame. Watch the test here.
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