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Customer Willingness to Implement PLURAL Solutions

Aiming to provide solutions that combat the increasing energy prices and climate changes, the H2020 PLURAL project develops a number of envelope solutions for deep retrofit of buildings for the reduction of energy consumption, emissions, and carbon footprint of buildings. The core solutions are three off-site prefabricated systems (ConExWall, SmartWall, Denvelops Comfort) that integrate actively with passive advanced systems, consider user comfort needs and are called Plug-and-Use (PnU) kits.

The project has prepared a survey, addressing building owners, aiming to assess their willingness to use the PLURAL PnU kits as renovation solutions and collect their feedback on the developed technologies.

The survey is anonymous, takes only 10 minutes to complete, and receiving feedback from building owners and building users is crucial to help us improve the kit characteristics and gain insight into customer needs and preferences. You can answer the questionnaire in different languages:

Looking forward to receiving your answers to our survey, Thanking you in advance. The PLURAL Consortium

Questionnaire by NTUA

The questionnaire aims to provide a better understanding of the renovation requirements of the PLURAL demo sites. Also, the collected answers will provide a useful reference regarding the parameters that affect the decisions made for renovation. Help us by sharing your input.